Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Change Users Password Without Knowing Password

Dear Friend,

To view all of the user accounts:

1. While logged onto the computer, click on Start>Run>and type: CMD > Press Enter

2. From the command prompt window type: net users >Press Enter

This will show you all user accounts that is made onto the computer whether it is hidden or not.

Step to change an account password:

1. While logged onto the computer to an account that has administrative rights, click on Start>Run>and type: CMD>Press Enter

2. Type: net user > then the name of the account> then * > press enter.

For example: Inter commend prompt type: net user administrator * then press Enter; or net user "Love_CAM" * . Put the name in quotes if it contains spaces.

3. From there it should ask for a new password.
Type in your new password (type very carefully - the command window won't display what you type) and once more to confirm it.

If you get the message that the command succeeded successfully you're all set!!

NOTE: This does not work from the "guest" account.

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