Friday, September 19, 2008

Microsoft organize "Computer Security Seminar"

Dear All,
Please register to participant Computer Security Seminar at the Intercontinental Hotel that organize by Microsoft Representative office in Cambodia. The topic is very important related to computer users who using Microsoft Products.

There are 3 main agenda of this topic:

1 - Microsoft Forefront

2- Microsoft System Center

3- Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server 2006

Through this issuse i have some debate based on i hear from CTN TV Chenel and my friend "IT Professional":
- IT related to the people who use non licenses of Microft Products, especially about the Microsoft Windows XP, if their Computer connect to the internet and update Windows/Internet Explorer from online Microsft will monitoring the licenses and block if their computer using an illegal software "hacked" all including (Privat Sector, Government Minitries, Institute/Center of Educations, ...).

In my opinion i think there are effectiveness and will affected of developing countries like Cambodia that we had to pay alot of money to Microsoft, and It will effected to the economic development and education.
- The Cambodia Government should intervention of this issue to request a formal letter to the US embassy for help interm of good cooperation of political & economic that Microsoft should help Cambodia for the social charity to delay 10-15 years more of licensing restriction.

In urgent to solve the problem:

1- If the government could not help may be we're all IT professional should use the open source software like linux or unix, currently we have Khmer Linux from Khmer OS, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, ...etc.

2- Turn off auto-update of Windows & Internet Explorer from online (for detail information call +855-16-449798 or e-mail: )

3- If posible don't use internet explorer, change to use Mozilla Firefox, or Mekla from Khmer OS for the Internet Browser.

Post by: Love_CAM
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Conference of Cambodia ICT & Telecommunication on 4-6 April, 2008; and World Expo 2008

Dear All, Please be inform that the National Information Communications Technology Development Authority (NiDA: and International Data Group - IDG Vietnam ( will organize The 4th Annual Largest International ICT, Digital & Electronic Event in Cambodia on 04-06 April, 2008 for more detail please see IDG Cambodia website: in Mondial Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

If you interested
to attend could you please contact to them both conference ceremony and exhibition (Free of Administration & Lucky Draw).

Will see you there..!!!!!!

Heng Phan,

Mobile: +855-16-449897

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Malaysian telecoms to invest big in Cambodia

Malaysian Telecommunications, also known as Telekom Malaysia , will invest US$100 million in Cambodia within two years, the company’s executive director recently said.

Telekom Malaysia is currently examining mobile phone markets in Laos , Myanmar and Vietnam , although the firm’s US$100 million Cambodian investment is certain, Yusof Annuar Yaacob told Reuters last weekend. The funds will be primarily spent on upgrading the network over the next 18 to 24 months, he said.

Telekom Malaysia is currently negotiating with the Laotian government and Myanmar junta and researching the Vietnamese market, Yaacob said.
Malaysia is one of the largest foreign investors in Cambodia . In 1990, Malaysian investors were the first into Cambodia and, although Malaysia has been overtaken by Korea , Russia and China in the last few years, they are still in the top ten investors, with projects worth billions of dollars.
Source from: MC&D Daily News: The Cambodia Press Review 29 January 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

Preah Vihear Famouse Temple is using in Cambodia New Currency 2000 Riels

Preah Vihear is one of Cambodian Famous Temples and Currently the Government of Cambodia using this beautiful picture of this temple to put in the new currency 2000 riels. This is the good idea for Cambodian people and we are very proud being Cambodian that we had public some thing related to Culture, Custom and Economics.

As a Cambodian blogger I very appreciated of this good idea of the person who had decision making on this; Other more the new Cambodian currency 2000 riels also have the other beautiful pictures like Angkorwat Famous Temple are also a good advertising for tourism and display or express to people around the world that all of the temples in this currency are belong to Khmer or Cambodian.


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