Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Khmer Pchum Ben Festival, October 2007

Cambodian People always celebrate Pchum Ben festival in evry year before the raining season leave.

During the Pchum Ben festival all of monks are not going outside the pagoda to begs for food because they are observe celebration of by living in a Buddhist temple for one month until the last day of the festival.

This year 2007 I went to Bttambang and Posat Province for celebration the Phum Ben festival and prayed to all my relationship were died before and during Polpot regime to being reborn in paradise and if they are all have sin, I wish and prayed to the god to help them in order to clear himself or herself from bad deed; and finaly pray to the got and thoses of them to wish us (me and family) will be suceess in every thing.

Another important thing I had done is gave some money, food, clothes to our parent who take care and gave birth to us. I had clean and there hand and leg and gave them some perfume; and they are also wish us the best of luck.

Here are some photos I would like to share: