Friday, August 17, 2007

Cambodian Disabled Persons Should Create Their Own Blog Site

Dear All,

I would recommend any NGOs related to Cambodian Disabled Persons or PWDs should create one Blog for public and sharing information.

Blog Intruduction:
The Blog I would to present is a kind of Fee Online Media Services, after created Blog we can public the information through website and the kind of information we can upload Movies clip, Pictures, Text, Press Releases, links to the organization own website or other important website related to PWD, …etc. People around the world especially Cambodian Youth currently they are very popular and interested for using Blog; I saw JICA also have one Blog Site call “JICA Friends: ”.

Blog Requirement:

- Any computer that have internet access

- Publication material (Pictures, Statements, Press, newspaper that related to PWD, …etc. )

- Formal e-mail address that create on : by using

- Website Address: example:

- Username & password for login to your Blog (normally they are put the same as we create on Gmail account)

How to create Blog URL?

It is very easy not need to know how to build website or web development, you can going through to my website link: and click on “ My B Blog : “ at the left page then the new page display > at the top-right of the new page display on your screen just click on “Create Blog “ and follow the instruction, finally you will get one Blog site (blog address), that you can public what ever you want.

Note: please remember your Blog site, username & password for going to update or post commend on your Blog

How to use Blog?

- Going to your internet browser > type your Blog site address at the address bar

- Fill your username & password & then Learn by yourself after created Blog on the Blog website interface.

For detail please register by my Blog site and looking the Content Personal Information Technology Workshop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. ” I post on Monday, August 13, 2007 > Please click that link and download the form for register to the workshop committee


Heng Phan,
IT Supervisor

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